Here at ROM, we totally get that there's a problem with how music products are made, and we're all about doing better. We're not just saying it – we're rolling up our sleeves and making changes every step of the way. That means choosing materials like recycled vinyl or bioplastics, cutting back on energy use, and finding ways to make less waste. We're on a mission to team up with suppliers who share our eco-friendly goals, and we're always looking for new ideas to make things even greener. Our goal? To make vinyl records & CDs that don't just sound great, but also leave a positive mark on the planet we all call home. And to take it further...

OUR ECO-UP scheme offers our clients the opportunity to offset some of the environmental impact of manufacturing by making a donation based on the value of their orders. For every manufacturing order our clients can donate 1.5% of the order value to Rewilding Britain, and Republic of Music will match every donation meaning 3% of the order value goes to eco-up.

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