We help artists and songwriters collect and report royalties while adding value to their songs and catalogue.

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Republic of Music is dedicated to empowering independent artists on their creative journey. We offer a comprehensive publishing service tailored to artists seeking to navigate the complexities of the music industry.

We are here to help collect all the revenue that is due to you and to help make the most out of your catalogue, whether this is tracking performance royalties from radio plays, live performances or blanket licence TV use, collecting mechanicals for both physical and Digital releases (Streaming and downloads), or helping you get you music pitched worldwide for Sync opportunities, due to our partnership with Peer Music (one of the oldest independent Publishers) - we are there to help artists get the most of their music.  

What We Offer:  

We ensure that your creative works are protected and monetised effectively. Our team manages the complexities of copyright administration, including registration, licensing, and royalty collection.  

We optimise your royalty collection process, ensuring that you receive the compensation for your music's usage across various territories and platforms on time.

We actively pitch your tracks for placement in film, television, advertisements, video games, and other media, expanding your reach and generating additional revenue streams for your catalog.

We offer artist friendly contracts both with length of terms and royalties.

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